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Artist and Educator 

Founder of Stories Make Us 

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Gozde Efe, Arts Education Advocate, Storyteller

My goal is to get my students to think.

I act as a creative resource and set an example.

Creative problem solving and the creative process - from ideation to completion - are in the core of  my practice. 

I am also a communications management professional. Download my resume here. 

My Professional Experiences 

2022 - present

Mentor, Educator

Site Venetia Valley K-8 School

San Rafael 

Grades TK-5

From ideation to completion, I guided TK-5 children in making their own decisions, ideation, planning and creating. My goal was to create a an environment where everyone learned from each other and experienced the creative process as a community. 


Primary Theme:  I can learn from/about and share my knowledge with the community through the arts. 

Primary Project: Make Your Own Museum 

Coming up with an idea to build a museum of/about, research, plan, build your foundation, choose colors and materials, color, collage, experiment, repair, add details, reflect, install, prep a community exhibition. 

Secondary Theme: I contribute to the stories of my community and let my own story grow with theirs. 

Secondary Project: Collaborative Project, Making a Large Scale Folding Book 

Circles became donuts, donuts became planets, planets became eyeballs. Students added onto each other’s stories one shape at a time. Every time students heard their teacher say ‘switch’, they moved onto another story. Every time they switched, they looked at each other's work with a new eye and added something new to it. From TK to 5th grade, all of the students, classroom teachers, and teaching assistants worked on the pages one large folding book. TK and K children colored in with paint while others used collage paper, sharpies, colored pencils and oil pastels to add to it. 

Click here to see images from this class. 


Site San Francisco, Amsterdam,


Drawing With Light, Messy Art Lab, 2017, San Francisco Making Statements with Neon Signs, ARTifact, 2017, San Francisco and 

Corte Madera 

Art in Turkish Language, Berkeley Turkish School, 2018 Fall Term 

Tiny Books Big Thoughts, Noorderlicht Studio, Amsterdam, Netherlands and 

Istanbul, Turkey 

Youth Mentorship, UnCollege Gap Year, 2016-2018, San Francisco 

Click here to see documentation images from these workshops and events. 

2018 - present  

Mentor, Educator

I write Conceptual Art curriculums for pre-school aged children ages 3 to 5. My classes include Making Friends with Household Objects, The Hidden World Inside Household Objects, Seeing The World Through Artist Goggles, Making Cardboard Cameras, Making Artist Goggles, Classroom Art Walks and more. 

Site Montessori Children's House of the West Cost, San Francisco 

Grades Preschool


Education Fellow

I taught weekly art classes at St. Peters Elementary School, prepared and ran a summer youth workshop Neither Moving Nor Still: Making-of GIFs, exhibited at New Growth 2019: Shared Stories, and mentored youth education interns. My classes at St. Peters included creating animations by pen and paper, flip book making and creating digital animations by using photography

Site St. Peters Elementary School, 

San Francisco 

Grades 4-5 


Eureka Valley Arts 

Mentor, Educator

My projects for Eureka Valley Arts included Make Your Own Museum, Design Your Own Game, Mix Them All Media.

Site Eureka Valley Art Studio,

San Francisco 

Grades 2nd-5th 

2016 Summer Term

Intensive Filmmaking Program

From ideation to completion, I guided pre-college students in digital filmmaking techniques. I wrote an original curriculum where students experienced all phases of making off a short film including writing, set design, sound recording, editing and adding effects. 

Click here to see documentation images and students' films from this class. 

Exploration School at Yale


Site Yale University, New Haven 

Grades Pre-college

2014 - 2016 

San Francisco Art Institute

Teaching Assistant 

I assisted faculty Tony Labat and Sharon Grace in New Genres II courses. 

Site San Francisco Art Institute

Grades College

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